Favorite Books of 2015

I try to read new books at least as much as I watch new films and television or listen to new music. As with anything, there is a glut of quality and there are way more good books than any one person could ever appreciate. But rather than despair at the impossible task of ever making it through the proverbial "pile" (or Amazon wishlist) of must-read books, it's worth celebrating the best of what one does manage to read. For me, there were quite a few books this year that I thoroughly enjoyed. Below are my favorite books released in 2015 and then five more that I read (but were not released) in 2015. What were your favorites? What did I miss?

10 Favorite Books Released in 2015

  1. Spiritual Friendshipby Wesley Hill
  2. Onwardby Russell Moore
  3. The Lost World of Adam & Eveby John H. Walton
  4. Yet One More Springby Don King
  5. Writers to Readby Doug Wilson
  6. Blind Spotsby Collin Hansen
  7. How God Used R.A. Torreyby Fred Sanders
  8. Jesus Outside the Linesby Scott Sauls
  9. A Fellowship of Differentsby Scot McKnight
  10. [Tie] Who’s Afraid of Modern Art? by Daniel Siedell and Messy Graceby Caleb Kaltenbach

5 Favorites Read (But Not Released) in 2015

  1. The Cross of Christby John Stott
  2. The Book of Strange New Thingsby Michel Faber
  3. The Skeletons in God’s Closetby Joshua Ryan Butler
  4. Book of Common Prayer: A Biographyby Alan Jacobs
  5. The Meaning of the Cityby Jacques Ellul