Best of the Blog's First Five Years

I started this blog on July 18, 2007, five years ago on Wednesday. It's been a great five years of blogging. 551 posts, thousands of comments, and countless hundreds of hours of writing later, and I'm happy to say I've loved every minute of it. By way of marking the occasion of the fifth anniversary of The Search, I thought I'd look back at some of my favorite and most popular posts. If you've been a longtime reader you'll maybe remember some of them. If you're a newer reader, here are some old favorites I commend to you:

5 Most Commented

1. Are You a Christian Hipster? (Feb. 7, 2009): This blog post was the first excerpt of Hipster Christianity that I posted on the blog, about a year and a half before the book actually came out. It remains one of my most trafficked and commented-on posts ever.

2. 100 Greatest Worship Songs of All Time (March 14, 2008): I wrote this oldie on a whim and had no idea it would become my all time most trafficked post. I get about 500 views on this post every day, mostly from people googling "worship songs" or "best worship songs" (try it: this blog post is like #3).

3. Best “Christian” Albums of all Time (Oct. 29, 2007): What can I say? Lists about Christian music always elicit plenty of response. This one--my selections for the best "Christian" albums ever--was no different.

4. The Tragedy of (Most) Modern Worship Music (Aug. 26 ,2007): I'm sensing a pattern here. Discussions of worship music has gotten a big response. This post--basically a summary of all my curmudgeonly thoughts about contemporary worship--apparently struck a chord.

5. Sad Times for the Episcopal Church (July 16, 2009): This post, written in response to the latest move by the Episcopal Church in America to affirm LGBT lifestyles, seems almost antiquated given how much farther down this path Episcopals have gone since. In any case, it drew lots of emotional discussion in the comments section.

5 Most Trafficked Posts:

  1. 100 Greatest Worship Songs of All Time
  2. Are You a Christian Hipster?
  3. Types of Hipsters: Part One
  4. Top Ten Comedies of the Year
  5. Best “Christian” Albums of all Time