Christian Hipster Music: A YouTube History

Last week on the Hipster Christianity Facebook page, I posted YouTube videos from the last 4 decades of "Christian hipster" music, or music that was at least pivotal in the ultimate development of today's culture of hipster Christianity. Here they are, in chronological order... Enjoy!

Love Song, "the Christian Beach Boys," out of the Laguna Beach dope scene (ca. 1970s):

Children of the Day, "the first CCM group" (1971):

Explo '72, "the Christian Woodstock" (1972) featuring Johnny Cash:

Daniel Amos (ca. 1979):

Steve Taylor, “Meltdown (at Madame Tussaud’s)” music video (ca 1984):

Altar Boys, "You Are Loved" video (1986)... early Christian punk:

Stryper, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" live in Japan (mid-80s)... Christian glam rock/metal:

DC Talk, "Walls" music video (1989):

Vigilantes of Love at Cornerstone, “Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Can’t Heal” (1993):

The debut of Danielson Famile (1994):

Jars of Clay, "Flood" (1995):

Rich Mullins, "If I Stand" (1997):

Derek Webb, "Wedding Dress" (mid-2000s):

Sufjan Stevens 2005 MTV interview, in which he's labeled "the 'it' boy of indie music":