Top Ten Most Stereotypically CCM Band Names

I’ve been reminiscing/laughing about my CCM youth a lot recently, sort of longing for a return to a musical world where we knew Christian bands from secular. Things are so fuzzy nowadays (are they or aren’t they Christian?), and it seems that many CCM bands are trying a little too hard to be subtle about it. Be out with it, I say!

In honor of the brave pioneers of CCM who unabashedly flaunted their Christianity from head to tow… here is a list of bands that screamed “we’re evangelical Christians” just by their very names:

10) Something Like Silas – though they now go by the name Future of Forestry (a much more oblique, “could be anything” name), these San Diego rockers were once proud of their biblical-ish name.

9) Petra – With a name like Petra, you know these guys rock (in a Christian sort of way).

8) Plus One – The first (and last?) Christian boy band had the perfect name. The “+1” refers to Jesus, of course!

7) Seventh Day Slumber – Cooler than average for a strikingly CCM band name; A clever way to pay homage to the Sabbath day (and/or the Genesis creation account).

6) Living Sacrifice – Straight out of Romans 12, baby!

5) The Sonflowerz – A relatively new CCM band, with a name any CCMer would die for. Changing Sun to Son is always a good idea; and changing “s” to “z” only adds to their pizzazz.

4) Point of Grace – One of the superstars of CCM also has an uber CCM name. And it fits them so well!

3) ApologetiX – Okay, so this parody band is tongue-in-cheek from the get go. But they still win points for an awesome CCM name!

2) Selah – It’s appropriately esoteric and mystifying for non-Christians (sounds vaguely celtic), yet it screams CCM for anyone who has read much of Psalms.

1) X-Sinner – Props to this vintage 80s Christian metal band (“the Christian AC/DC”) for the best CCM name! And they have a new album coming out soon: World Covered in Blood!

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