When to Leave a Church and How to Find a New One

One of the assumptions of my new book Uncomfortable is that church is hard.

Discomfort, frustration and pain are inevitable. But another assumption of Uncomfortable is that these are not necessarily reasons we should leave a church. On the contrary, I argue in the book that discomfort in church community is actually a huge part of how we grow. Discomfort stretches us and it draws us out of me-centered consumerism. It forces us to rely more on God and cry out to him for help. It binds us together with our fellow uncomfortable churchgoers.

But there is a difference between edifying, stretching discomfort and toxic, unhealthy discomfort. When you are experiencing the latter, leaving a church is actually the right move. But where is that line? When do you stick with a church and when do you bail? And once you do leave a church, how do you wisely go about finding a new one?

These questions were the subject of a series of posts I wrote for the Crossway blog, in conjunction with the launch of Uncomfortable. Click on the links below to read each one:

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If you benefitted from reading the above posts, be sure to order a copy of the book that inspired them: Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community (Crossway, September 2017).