Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community calls Christians to embrace, rather than avoid, the necessity of grounding their faith in a local church context, however uncomfortable/awkward/frustrating it may be. What if we learned to love churches even when—or perhaps because—they challenge us and stretch us out of our comfort zones? 

This book argues that believers who accept the uncomfortable and even awkward aspects of Christianity in the context of the local church—believing difficult truths, embracing sacrifice, pursuing holiness, and loving the people around them—are the ones who will see the church grow most significantly and the gospel advance most powerfully.


Praise for Uncomfortable

“What if not only our answers but our questions are wrong? We think we know what we want, but as Brett McCracken explains, with persuasive wit and wisdom, Jesus knows better. Uncomfortable is just the message we need to hear, especially right now.” – Michael Horton

"Brett McCracken is the herald of a counter-intuitive gospel: 'Take comfort! Church is supposed to be uncomfortable!' That’s because McCracken knows it’s precisely in embracing the uncomfortable truths of the gospel, immersing ourselves in the uncomfortable unity-in-diversity of the Body, that we are transformed into the image of Christ—the God who endured the discomfort of the cross to bring us resurrection life." – Derek Rishmawy

"For any serious Christian, Brett’s words are a wake up call to engage – indeed, to love and devote ourselves to – this often messy, high maintenance, painfully ordinary…and also glorious, life-giving, and forever beloved band of misfits that Jesus calls his Wife. If Jesus has so tethered himself to the church, dare we untether ourselves from her?" – Scott Sauls

"In this excellent book Brett McCracken identifies and prods around many of the things that make Christian community uncomfortable: he had me itching and scratching! Brett demonstrates how rather than fleeing this discomfort we need to lean into it, and in so doing find what is more deeply satisfying than the shallow comforts of our consumer age. I encourage you to read this book, and embrace the itch!" – Matthew Hosier